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Carbon Steel is an alloy where carbon is the main element. Typically, Carbon Steel contains up to 2.0% carbon by weight, along with a variety of other elements, such as manganese or silicon, depending on the desired attributes and physical properties.

Stainless Steel is used in many applications such as cookware, cutlery, surgical instruments, major appliances, vehicles, construction material in large buildings, industrial, and storage tanks and tankers for chemicals and food products.

Turned, Ground, and Polished is a finishing processes often used for metal shafting. Turning (on a lathe) creates straight round bars without the strain induced by cold drawing, while grinding and polishing improves the surface finish and roundness for high dimensional accuracy.

We offer competitive pricing on thousands of items and deliver material on time with our own fleet of trucks throughout Southern California.

We carry a large variety of inventory in stock to meet demands BUT if something is not a standard stock item, we always have the ability to order it from our fast distribution network.

Coastal Metals started in 1997 in a very small building in Buena Park, Ca with just two people. The main goal at the time was to provide quality machined and fabricated parts for several different industries.

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