Carbon Steel Bar Types

Carbon steel bar is one of the most commonly used manufacturing and construction materials in the world due to its strength, adaptability, and affordability. Metal bar products provide sophisticated structure and support for a wide range of construction, architectural, and heavy industrial applications around the world, thanks to the many various forms and sizes of steel bar that may be created.

Steel bar is available from Coastal Metals in a range of forms and profiles, making it simple to select the correct fit for your project. Our inventory consists of the following items:

  • – Round Steel Bar
  • – Rectangular Steel Bar
  • – Square Steel Bar
  • – Hex Steel Bar
  • – Steel Rebar
  • – Hot Rolled P&O Steel Strip
  • – Threaded Steel Rod

Hot Rolled Steel Square, Round & Rectangle Bar

Hot rolled steel square, round, and rectangle bar has unique radius edges and a softer, more malleable finish than cold rolled steel square, round, and rectangle bar. Hot rolled bar has excellent mechanical qualities and may be easily fabricated using traditional methods such as welding, hot forming, and moderate cold forming.

1018 Cold Rolled Round, Hex, Rectangular & Square Steel Bar

Low carbon, medium manganese steel, 1018 steel round, square, rectangular, and hex bar retains tight dimensional correctness. These steel bar products have a smooth, machinable surface quality and have outstanding mechanical qualities. They’re also simple to weld, mold, cut, and machine. These materials are appropriate for bending, cold forming, and other applications that require less strength.

Steel Rebar

Reinforcing steel bar is a type of tensioning device that is often used to reinforce concrete and other masonry structures. Steel rebar is corrosion-resistant and can persist for up to 100 years without losing its molecular integrity. Steel rebar is also lighter than regular steel, which makes it easier to transport.

Steel Threaded Rods

Steel threaded rods are helically threaded fasteners that can convert rotational and linear force. Bolts, nuts, and other fasteners can be easily fastened onto the steel rod due to its threading. Steel rods are widely used in construction, maritime, automotive, and plumbing applications.

Twisted Steel Bar

By adding unique and distinct twisting patterns into the steel, twisted steel bar products are meant to bring flair to any wrought iron project. Any project can benefit from the use of twisted steel bars.

Hot Rolled P&O Strip Bar

Steel that has had its scale removed by an acid bath process is known as hot rolled pickled and oiled strip bar. After the acid wash, the steel strip bar is oiled to prevent rust from forming.

Coastal Metals is Your #1 Source for Steel Bar Stock on the West Coast

Coastal Metals is a full-service metal supplier that understands what you need. Our inventory of metal products includes a broad range of metal shapes and an extensive selection of alloys. We offer the following advantages:

  • – Large diameter bars
  • – We deliver
  • – Great high volume discount pricing
  • – Custom cut to size metal production
  • – ISO 9001 certified
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