Aluminum Bar for Construction and Buildings

Aluminum bars offer corrosion-resistance, strength, and cost-effectiveness that make it one of the most commonly used metal materials in a variety of applications. Aluminum bars comes in a variety of shapes and sizes including round, rectangle, hex, and square. Let Coastal Metals help you choose an aluminum alloy grade that is best for your construction needs.

Common construction uses for aluminum bar include:

  • Siding
  • Structural frames
  • Window frames
  • Door frames
  • Roofing
  • Bridgework/bridge decks
  • Infrastructure construction

Another benefit of using aluminum for construction purposes is that it’s an energy-efficient metal. It is recyclable and cost-effective.

Commonly used aluminum bar alloys for construction include:

6061 Aluminum

  • Easily weldable and machinable.
  • Offers high corrosion resistance with high strength.
  • Ideal for brazing.
  • Common applications include assemblies, electronic parts, fasteners, structural and architectural applications.
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